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About SVGConv, the free online SVG converter

What is SVG?

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SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics. An SVG file is a set of mathematical instructions describing some sort of geometric shape – from a simple square or rectangle to a complex website layout or logo... The main benefit of SVG is that it is scalable. This means that - unlike traditional pixel-based graphic formats – it has no fixed resolution. It looks just as good at the size of a stamp, as at the size of a billboard. Plus, it has a very low file size since it is a set of plain-text mathematical instructions. The downside is that many applications simply can't understand SVG. It is rather complex, after all. In many cases, you need to convert it to a more common file format. And this is where SVGConv comes to your aid!

What is an online SVG converter?

An online SVG converter runs inside of your favorite browser, and performs the conversion without installing any plug-ins or applications – something that you just can't do on the your school or office computer. Also, it is handy if you need to do your job quickly without the hassle of installing an application.

How is SVGConv different?

Certainly, SVGConv is not the first and only free online SVG converter out there. You will find many more solutions. Why would you choose SVGConv instead of others? Well, there are a few reasons. This service is dedicated for SVG conversion, whilst in the case of many other services, this is only a secondary (or even less important) feature. This means that we constantly improve our service to stay ahead in features. We offer an extensive list of supported output formats, the generated output is highly customizable, and we offer easy-to-use batch processing. If you have a HTML5 compatible browser, you can use our drag-and-drop uploading feature – select a dozen SVG files in Windows Explorer (or the equivalent in you OS), drop them to our convert page. They will be automatically uploaded, and converted in a single step. If you need more then one version – say, generate output in two different sizes - you simply need to change the settings, and press "Convert" again. You do not need to re-upload them again.

Browser Requirements

Tested on Internet Explorer 8+, and recent versions of Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari. Modern, HTML5 capable Browser recommended.

Feature highlights

  • Supported output image formats: BMP, WBMP, XBM, PNG, JPEG, GIF, TGA, TIFF
  • Supported output document formats: PDF, EPS, PS, LaTex
  • Create CSS Sprites from multiple SVG files.
  • Highly customizable: Specify pixel dimensions or print resolution (dpi) for output, background color and more!
  • Batch processing: convert multiple files in a single step!
  • Organized output: All generated files are packed into a single ZIP file.

Upcoming features

  • Export individual objects from SVG files