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That is me, Blasius Secundus/Balázs Vajner

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I hope you like this service, and I thank you for your interest in me:)
I am Balázs Vajner, aka Blasius Secundus - the developer who created SVGConv for you. I have graduated with a degree in history and Latin language - but as the very existence of this site demonstrates, I have aquired some skills in web design, web development and programming. You can learn more about me and what I am doing by visiting my home page.
As for programming, I am working as freelance programmer and web developer - or, in other terms, a virtual worker - at the industry-leading outsourcing site Freelancer. If you have web- or desktop programming jobs to do, get a quote from me. It is copmpletely free and non-obligatory. Even if it turns out that I do not possess some specific skills required for the job, you can choose from thousands of other qualified professionals. For my specific areas of expertise and testimonials, please check out my profile page.