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This is a collection of common questions asked by our users. As we get more and more user feedback, this list will also grow. If you do not find answer for your question here, please do not hesitate to contact me!
My SVG file links external bitmap images. Can I still use SVGConv?
Currently, linked external images are not supported. You can still convert your SVG, but the external images will not appear in the generated output. If this appears to be a significant problem for our users, we will consider adding support for external files. Until then, you have to embed them into the SVG file.
The generated images are all 1px by 1px "large". Why?
On some occasions, our algorithms fail to detect the native size of the SVG file. In this case, you cannot use the relative size options (Full, Half, Quarter, Custom Percentage), you have to use the absolute values (dpi or pixels). So far, this problem was only reported on a few occasions.