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SVGConv Release Log

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This is the release log of the SVGConv service. We try to improve our services constantly, so you can expect relatively regular updates. You can also

2015-10-30 - Update released

  • From now on a Cookie Consent dialog box will be displayed in accordance with new EU regulations

2015-10-01 - Bugfix update released

  • URL upload: fixed URLs with 301 or 302 redirect or invalid SSL certificates not working
  • Critical/Showstopper bug fixed: Downloading the converted files was not possible, the content of the generated file was displayed in the browser window instead - along with several error messages (This error was not reported by any user, and the service run unattended for quite some time. Please, if you encounter an error, report it via the feedback form or e-mail address that can be found on the Contact page. Thank you!)

2015-02-06 - Fixed internal server error

  • In the last several hours, users have experienced Server 500 (internal server error) due to an incorrect change in server configuration this is now fixed and the service operates as usual

2013-09-14 - Update released - CSS Sprite generator

  • Now SVGConv can generate CSS Sprite from multiple SVG files

2013-05-01 - Update released - Selective conversion, JS engine updates

  • Updated some of the core JavaScript components to the latest version (e. g. jQuery, jQuery UI)
  • Dropped support for IE7 and IE8!
  • Improved - Now, if you have multiple SVG files uploaded, you can select which of them you want to convert.
  • Other - Added warning that compressed SVG (SVGZ) is not yet supported. (SVGZ support scheduled for next release)

2013-03-18 - Update released - Renaming output images

  • New feature: now you can rename individual images, not only the ZIP file
  • New feature: now the conversion form remembers your last settings (until you clear browser cache)
  • Fixed: now when pressing Return (Enter), "Convert all" will be triggered instead of "Convert only this"

2013-02-10 - Update released - URL input

  • New Feature: URL input added; now you can simply enter the URL pointing to the SVG file, and SVGConv will load it automatically. You no longer need to download it manually.
  • Bug fixed: in some cases the native resolution of the graphics was detected incorrectly, resulting in distorted images (unless the user specified the exact width and height in pixels)

2013-01-14 - Update released - Contact page

  • Added "Contact" page with e-mail address and online contact form. Please share with me your ideas or problems regarding the service, to make it even better!

2013-01-05 - Update released - Localization, UI improvements

  • Started our localization program; currently, the website is localized into Hungarian
  • Smaller UI improvements to the Convert page
  • Improved behaviour: if the output is a single file only, it will not be packed into a ZIP file - just downloaded as it is
  • Additional option: "Convert only this one" - convert only the previewed image

2012-12-16 - New features: TGA and TIFF support

  • New feature: TGA output format supported.
  • New feature: TFF output format supported.
  • UI Improvement - Convert page: now only the top 5 most popular output formats are shown by default on the converter page. Other formats can be displayed by clicking the "show more formats" link.
  • UI Improvement - Convert page: added margin after Advanced settings. Now is it less likely to accidentally click "Use custom background color" instead of "Convert".

2012-12-13 - SVGConv Update - Bugs and standards

  • SVGConv pages now pass the CSS3 validation test
  • SVGConv pages now pass the HTML5 validation test
  • Bug fixed: background color setting was not taken into account on some browsers (notably Internet Explorer)

2012-12-10 - SVGConv Update - Bugfix release

  • Fixed layout issues with non-native (jQuery based) datepicker
  • Fixed browser-specific issues for Internet Explorer and Safari

2012-12-06 - SVGConv Update - UI Enhancements, Important bug fixes

  • It seems that Santa Claus visited our SVGConv too. He brought us the following nice improvements/fixes:
  • UI Style Update: Now UI uses bigger fonts for better readability
  • UI Enhancement: Convert form now uses jQuery fallback, if HTML 5 native controls are not available
  • UI Changed: Input for background opacity was changed to Spinner (numeric input) from slider, to be consistent with the rest of the background color input
  • Bug fixed: JPEG Quality was not taken into account; JPEGs were rendered at the default ~75 quality
  • Bug fixed: using the "clear all" feature was bugged, and prevented subsequent conversions (unless you closed/opened your browser)

2012-11-28 - SVGConv update - JPEG Quality, Background opacity, ZIP file name

  • Added update history, with RSS feed
  • New option: background opacity (if custom background color is enabled)
  • New option: JPEG quality (for JPEG output only, of course)
  • New option: now you can set the name of the downloaded ZIP file
  • Bug fixed: when no SVG file was uploaded, an empty (and corrupt) ZIP file was downloaded; now there will be an error message notifíing the user that he/she must upload at leat one SVG file